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High Efficiency Fixtures

Part and parcel with high efficiency (HE) flushometers are the HE fixtures needed to utilize the lower volumes of water. I helped Sloan create their static ceramic designs for optimized hydrodynamics in their sanitaryware portfolio. This was possible by standing on the shoulders of decades of data on which geometries performed best in the lab, which were problematic via our customer service & field records, and the intimate knowledge of the coupled water delivery system. We launched a complete line of urinal, closet, and lavatories (47 models in total) providing the verifiably best performing products in 3 years from zero market presence.


HE Urinal

This urinal can support flush volumes from one pint of water up to one gallon per flush given the attached flushometer valve. There is a second design that retrofits existing urinals so that no new wall finishing work needs to be done while still obtaining the reduced flush volumes.


HE Floormount Bowl

This bowl can perform with only 1.28 gallons per flush or as low as 1.1 gallons per flush for liquid-only waste. There is an ADA-accessible version as well to accommodate those differently abled.

wall hung.JPG

Wall Hung Bowl

This particular design is the second version of all the lessons learned from the field. It is designed to operate at 1.28 gallons per flush, withstand hundreds of pounds, and be fault-tolerant when installed by an inexperienced plumber.