Ring model.JPG

Art Deco Engagement Ring

When I made the decision that I was going to propose to my wife, I wanted to make sure that she had something special... like all future husbands want. After teasing some initial concepts from her of what she liked and didn't, I put all the features that resonated with her into a single ring. The overall style is Art Deco -- lines and circles are pronounced and juxtaposed with one another to create a modern elegance. The center stone is a tension set in order to allow the maximum amount of light in and out. The prongs are akin to searchlights letter her radiance shine outward, and the baguette stones aimed towards the center of the center stone. The pyramid, the most stable geometry, is a symbol of her strength. The inscription of the ring reads "Si amor vincit omnia, ergo sum amator", meaning "if love conquers all, then I am a lover." She also gets a little secret logo for herself under the pyramid.

She loves it.

Naturally I knew very little about the art of lost wax casting, its design requirements, and stone selection so I had a great team to work with at Oak Park Wholesale: Amy Moy and Raphael. Big thanks to their patience and willingness to walk me through the process.


All modeling done in Solidworks 2010 by Conrad Jahrling, 2016.