Curious. Empathetic. Collaborative.

Rule maker. Rule breaker.

Patient. Future father.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Conrad L. Jahrling

I love Chicago, designing, and my wife, not necessarily in that order. My background is in mechanical engineering and it quickly transformed into commercial plumbing product design. Those experiences have led me to help an ongoing team of talented and generous experts author plumbing safety standards, and help companies certify their products to meet those.

While working at Sloan and ASSE, I received a Masters in Product Design and Development from Northwestern University. My goal is to get back into front-end design to understand people’s needs and help build the products and processes that improve the human experience. There is much sorely-needed design out there! I am always on the hunt for the next problem to solve so if you have one on your mind, let's chat.




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