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At Northwestern for my Masters of Product Design and Development final project, our team created a product that allowed for cars to park in tight garage spaces without fear of hitting or being hit by a neighbor's car door. We found individuals placing dividers made out of pink insulation foam & towels as kludges to protect their cars, and we knew that we could find a better way. We went from concept to commercialization with all design, production, financial, and legal issues addressed.

Click through below to walk through the pitch deck. This was the final presentation given by my team to invited faculty and industry guests for judging and observation. It is presented as a proof-of-concept and was ready for production startup and launch.

Kickstarter-style Video of Bloc

Bloc is designed to be hung anywhere there is a threat of impact to your car. If you share a garage with strangers or your kids are eager to get out of the car, Bloc will give you peace of mind. Our team created this video as part of coursework at NU.

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Bloc Starter Pack

For most vehicles, Bloc comes in an 8-piece Starter Pack with all the hardware needed to protect your vehicle. The durable foam can even be driven over without fear of it losing its shape or tearing.

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Bloc Expansion Kit

A longer car or a restriction on hanging location may require additional Blocs to get the proper coverage. The expansion kit gives more flexibility for different circumstances. 

Final product created in 2015 by: